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Keep Pace with evolving risk.

Turning security tools into a compliant IT system requires effort.

We help reduce risk by creating one system, aligning both security and compliance in a methodical and controlled way to achieve real-world, threat-driven insight to security operations and controls.

Protect information assets and validate your processes.

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Risk Management

It can be tough to stay in compliance with federal regulations, especially because they are ever-changing. We read through the technical language and stay abreast of regulation changes and give you a simple translation of actions you must to stay in compliance.

We understand the notion that more protection sometimes means a more cumbersome user experience. We will work with you to create a secure, compliant system that is easy to use. Our team will build this system based on an understanding of your specific needs.

We are here to help—you don’t have to do this on your own! We don’t want you to feel intimidated or frustrated by Risk Management. Let us tackle it with you.

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Sustainable, complete, and constant compliance.

It sounds like a dream, because data compliance can be so confusing. Nearly every company must comply to regulatory requirements, some under many. If you collect any personal or financial data, it is your responsibility to protect it and remain compliant. If you don’t, the trust of your customers isn’t the only thing you’ll lose.

Let us sift through and interpret the changing regulations, countless acronyms, and technical language. Connectivity Communications, Inc. specializes in technical language translation and presenting it in an easily understandable way—we make it easy for non-technical executives to understand how to be compliant and make improvements to current operations.

  • PCI
  • GDPR
  • SOC2 Readiness
  • SOX
  • ISO
  • NIST 800

Our experts stay apprised of regulatory changes and work to quickly and clearly translate this information into action for you to ensure that you’re constantly in compliance with ever-changing regulations.


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