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Swift detection. Rapid response. Peace of Mind.

Creating a proactive system is paramount when safeguarding your data and maintaining highly reliable services. We are uniquely positioned to provide organizations like yours with a single-source, one-stop solution to security monitoring, incident response and management.

We’ll work with you to develop a Best Practices strategy, ensuring you’re always monitoring, alerting, and prepared for incident response.


These days it’s not if, it’s when.

When will your system experience a threat?
When will your client information be exposed to an attack?
When will a breach cripple your organization and cost you your reputation, time, and money?

You should be monitoring your network like Las Vegas monitor’s its casinos.

Networking components that are slow, overloaded, crashing, or experiencing outages or other technical failures can render your network susceptible to attack. Not only that, but overloaded servers, computers, or other devices can also be a symptom of a cyberattack.

Our team has deep insight and proven success into the complexities and requirements of delivering managed security services. We are keenly focused on the end user experience, and we take a visionary approach when it comes to staying ahead of anticipated growth and demand.

By incorporating diagnostic tools, applications, or appliances into your network monitoring, you can analyze security logs from these various components. When the software detects a performance issue or threat, it sends an alert to your IT team via email, text, or other alarms. With early detection, your IT professionals can respond quickly to mitigate the situation. Avoid the risk of unwanted downtime, security threats, and network intrusion with our unique multi-layered approach to cyber monitoring.

Using our proprietary 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting service -- and our perfectly poised Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) -- we streamline the entire event management process from alert to response to remediation.

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Our Incident Response & Management capabilities provide for rapid response protocols that contain and remediate imminent threats and minimize impacts on your organization.

In the midst of a crisis, we react immediately. But even better, we can be proactive in identifying compromises before the crisis becomes full-blown.

Connectivity has you covered. Start to finish, proactive and reactive, we help you maintain control of your technology and proceed with business as usual.


Available ad hoc or upon retainer

Proactive and reactive threat response and containment

Comprehensive remediation and deployment strategies

Detailed investigation analysis and reporting

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Allowing security threats to lurk in your environment for extended periods of time can result in severe data breaches, loss of critical information, and alterations to your network settings, sometimes permanently. From identifying vulnerabilities to remediating them, our cybersecurity services protect your company every step of the way. We track cyber threats so you don’t have to.


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