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Wireless that works.

Keeping you connected with services for every application; from multi-site, cloud driven AI to basic Wi-Fi access.

You may need a small, simple set-up or a complex system deployment, regardless of your scale we’ll develop a wireless solution that is right for you.


Identify, understand, and establish design criteria specific to your networking needs.

Our Predictive Planners model your facility and RF environments by utilizing blueprints, floorplans, software, and applications to outline the required coverage areas and define structures. By involving us at this developmental stage, we provide validation of the forecasted AP capacity while taking unique facility characteristics into consideration, allowing you to make adjustments and plan your project with a high level of confidence.

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  • Estimate RF signal attenuation.
  • Establish thresholds for minimum signal strength & application throughput.
  • Define the quantity, location, & type of access points that should be installed.
  • Provide channel and power settings that maximize spectral capacity while minimizing co-channel and adjacent-channel interference.


  • Quickly simulate various deployment scenarios.
  • Narrow design alternatives.
  • Help expedite pre- & post-deployment site surveys.
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Think of a Wireless Site Survey as Predictive Planning PLUS; the verification process of wireless design. With most businesses today using cloud-based applications and IoT devices, all of which require Wi-Fi connectivity, it's mission-critical that every business has a reliable wireless connection to keep employees working and customers satisfied.

We start with a predictive design and then validate those results by surveying the AP locations at the building or buildings where you are deploying Wi-Fi coverage with an on-location visit from a network engineer. This is a service perfect for planning new Wi-Fi deployments or network refreshes in more complex environments.

Interference is measured to identify any devices that may be causing signal disruption. Additionally, software is used to simulate wireless VoIP and streaming media to make sure they will work seamlessly in your environment, and both laptop devices and tablets are employed during the survey to understand RF propagation from both “high end” and “low end” devices.

Services Include:

Spectrum Analysis

Provides detection and identification of existing RF emitters along with interferers: Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi.

Performance Analysis

Includes throughput testing of data traffic from the client perspective.

RF Signal Strength

Measures received signal strength indication (RSSI); data rates, SNR, co-channel interference (CCI), latency, and client roaming performance will also be measured.

Capacity Analysis

Documentation of detected channels, channel widths, and AP density.


This pre-design service is done via onsite walkthrough and allows for a quick assessment of a wireless environment and to confirm the attenuation of the material of the walls in a building and coverage area.


Determine the throughput, or rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel, via the wireless network at a particular facility/location.


This site survey is employed to detect and diagnose connection and performance issues on the wireless network with the goal of optimizing and maintaining a high-level quality of service.


A performance assessment used to troubleshoot RF and interference problems in a wireless network.


We’ve witnessed 4G LTE transform business models, companies, and entire industries. By comparison, 5G is in a league of its own. Consumers see 5G as a faster smartphone or internet broadband experience. However, businesses view 5G as a game-changing technology that can help streamline operations while driving new revenue streams. Ask us to help you learn about 5G options for your business.

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Wireless only works when it works.


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