Established in 2001, Connectivity Communications, Inc. has secured itself as a reliable and reputable company specializing in IT networking and security products, and as wireless experts. Under the helm of company president and founder John S. Stiles’ 40+ years of experience in the IT industry, Connectivity’s emergence as a leader in the Pittsburgh area is based upon a dedicated adherence to offering only the best available product to satisfy the specific IT needs of its customers while providing superior wrap-around customer service and support. We believe there are significant distinctions in our company’s architecture, performance, and functionality that make our solution the best choice for your project.


Connectivity Communications, Inc. strives to provide customer focused cybersecurity strategies and services uniquely tailored to safeguard your network, systems, functions, and data through continuous, evolving, adaptive, and essential IT solutions.

Let us help cover you. We’re your (cyber)security blanket.


To enable our customers to be able to sleep at night.
Tailored Services for all with networking and security needs, regardless of company size.
Create true partnership and collaboration with businesses.
Family first employee and customer centric company.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make.
Maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, we place value on transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships, and actions.
We value and celebrate the unique and diverse experiences and perspectives of all our employees, customers, and associates with sensitivity and respect.

Let us be your Cybersecurity Blanket.

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